About Me.

Every person has a story, comprised of events that helped shape them. I'm no different. I was raised in a Christian household a single mother and a family of love. I've overcome obstacles as a struggling student and young adult. Immediately after graduating high school, I joined the workforce. In 2017, I established my own business.


2014 - Present

FOCUS Hispanic Center for Community Development, Inc.

As a tutor for the SummerPlus collaboration between FOCUS and the Newark Board of Education, primary responsibilities included helping students grades 3-8 with homework help and curriculum-based tutoring in Math and English/Language Arts.

As the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Outreach Specialist, the overall goal was to be the liaison between supervisors and instructors. In addition, students were provided with additional tutoring to work on area of weakness including but not limited to literacy and behavior.

As a group leader with much experience in public speaking, RealTalk provides students a safe forum to discuss real life, influencing real change. 

2016 - Present

Newark Board of Education

Graduating from the Newark Public Schools in 2013, returning to the classroom as a Paraprofessional Aide allowed me to see the direct needs of students with IEPs.

Local administration saw my desire and eagerness to go above and beyond for our students and adamantly encouraged me to return to school so that I could fulfill a greater need in the classroom.

2017 - Present

Betty Lee Jean's Kitchen

RJ's Place

With an extensive background in the entertainment & media industry, I launched my first LLC to meet the needs of those in my community. Great food, an amazing atmosphere and a vast showcase of talent was just the start.

We proudly provide space for those with or wanting to start podcasts as well as a recording studio for emerging artists.