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Who am I?

I am RJ Gourdine, a proud life long resident of the Weequahic Community of Newark, New Jersey. I’ve had the opportunity to do so much in my years as a educator and mentor. I believe that our youth are the future and we shape our tomorrow, today.

As a young boy growing up with a single mother and home full of love, I came to know that if given the chance, a young mind could unlock many wonders. I’m a true advocate for after school programs that enhance the mind, body, and souls of our youth, families, and communities. As founder of JamGo Community Development Community Center, Inc., I am proud to serve youth in grades 3-8 in collaboration with FOCUS4YOUTH, a division of FOCUS Hispanic Center for Community Development, Inc. As CEO of Betty Lee Jean's Kitchen, RJ’s Place, LLC, I believe in collaborating with community oriented individuals and businesses to nourish and entertain our neighborhoods.

My journey as an educator was first embarked by my grandmother, a retired teacher of the Newark Board of Education. Proud to follow in her footsteps, I believe...

If there is something I can do to make the world a better place, even in the life of one, then I must.

If I must, then I will. iCaniMustiWill


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